Here’s another fun wedding we enjoyed planning.  Fatima and Jordan’s wedding was at the gorgeous Corinthian.  The venue with its high ceiling and columns, the beautiful color scheme fitted perfectly into their royal theme.  Both ceremony and reception were held at the Corinthian which made it easier on commuting for the vendors and guests.
Fatima walked down the aisle in this gorgeous three in one silver wedding dress that was made by hand.   As you can see it was a beauty to behold as you stood at the altar exchanging vows with the groom. Immediately after the ceremony, the same room had to be flipped for the reception.   It turned into a different room entirely!  The guests couldn’t believe they were just in the same room for the ceremony.
The bride and groom surprised their guests after their first dance with a Thriller performance. The guests couldn’t stop screaming. This was definitely the highlight of their spectacular wedding.  How else could you have ended a beautiful royal affair without one of the King of Pop’s greatest hits?
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