Eco-friendly is one of the fun trends in company holiday parties; employees celebrating the holidays without creating additional waste. Everyone wants to do their part to help preserve the environment. Whether it’s a holiday party at the office or at an event venue, food is what keeps everybody happy and attentive. So this will definitely be a good place to get with the green trend.

Select a menu with seasonal and locally grown foods that are pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic-free. Not only will your guests enjoy this healthy and delicious foods, they will also appreciate the fact that your selections were grown close to home. You can find many restaurants in Houston that cook mainly locally grown foods. If you don’t like the idea of using a restaurant for your holiday party, look for an event venue that allows outside catering so you can hire a chef who cooks using locally grown produce.

Another area to go green is the decorations. If you’re using an event venue or if your holiday party is huge, you may need to hire a professional who specializes in
eco-friendly decorations. If your holiday party is at the office or a small affair,
you can buy reusable leaves, moss, LED candles and fruits to decorate with. The guests can eat the fruits or take them home as favors. If you hire a professional who will be decorating with fresh flowers, be sure to announce to your guests that they can take the flowers home after your event so it can be reused in their homes.

Some companies give awards to hard workers at their holiday parties. You can add the eco-friendly employee to the award list since this is a green party. I’m sure there’s someone that rides a bike to work, give him a gift for being a great green commuter. Even though he’s not doing it for recognition, he may inspire others to become green at the office.

Implementing green habits will make your celebration positive for you and your guests while leaving a minimum carbon footprint. Good luck with this year’s holiday party![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]