This has been one of my favorite weddings so far. When we started the planning, Banke knew she wanted a fairytale wedding but wasn’t quite sure about how she wanted the wedding to look. Her favorite Disney character is Cinderella so we decided to design the wedding around the glass slipper.

Banke’s ceremony was at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia Gardens. The stunning garden is located in between a few small lakes, this kept the weather cool and nice for an afternoon wedding. Since this wedding was during spring , the beautiful flowers all around the garden had bloomed and matured, giving the ceremony grounds a picturesque look. The bride arrived grandly on a carriage to the excitement of her guests.

The aisle was accented with blue and yellow flowers, while her chairs were white wooden chairs to give the garden an elegant look. The bridal party stood on the gazebo stairs that were adorned with yellow petals, while the couple stood under a flower arch decorated in colors of the wedding.

At the reception, we used tall flower arrangements as centerpieces. The tables that didn’t have flowers had glass slippers made from ice. The beautiful and delicious cake was 5 pillows stacked on top of each other with a glass slipper at the top. Banke wanted her guests entertained so we had two professional dancers perform to one of her favorite Disney songs. Even though the bride had no clear vision for her wedding at the onset, it ended being pure fairytale elegance!