I was really excited to be a part of Georgy’s second wedding reception. Very seldom do you find people with her type of selfless and loving personality. It was a great opportunity to design and plan her joyous occasion.

The wedding reception, which was unique in itself being the second wedding reception she was going to have, was warm and intimate. She had gotten married in her hometown, Indiana, some months previously, but her close Houston friends decided to organize another reception for her to welcome the lovely couple to their new hometown.

The venue was a cozy Italian restaurant in the chic galleria district. The bride was not a fan of bright colors so we decided on brown and gold as our main colors with ivory and green accents. Tulips were used as centerpieces, symbolizing true love, peace, happiness and much more.

The mood was romantic, the food was fantastic; the perfect way to celebrate this true love story; congratulations bride and groom!