Through the hustle and bustle of life we often forget to take a deep breathe, relax and have fun with the people that matter most to us. With busy lifestyles and dwelling distance factors, months and even years go by without us seeing our friends. We forget the importance of spending quality time with friends and being able to share our lives with them. A common misconception is that only milestones or weddings are to be celebrated, this is not true! Every little achievement can be celebrated; a promotion at work, graduation from school, the start of a business, recovery from a major illness, thanksgiving, Christmas and even the gift of another day is to be celebrated.

I attended a backyard pool party recently in Houston. The host wasn’t really celebrating any achievement. She had a long weekend from work and wanted to enjoy the time with her family and friends. Everyone that attended the party had fun but I had noticed it wasn’t just an avenue where eating, drinking and dancing had taken place. A few business cards had been passed around and a lot of networking was done. An Author client of mine called me recently to plan an afternoon tea party for her. It was a party for 50 guests; mostly authors. Her reason for the party was simple, an opportunity to meet in a relaxed environment where they can have fun, share their life experiences and some laughter. Normally, whenever they get to meet, it’s either a book signing or a book expo. An intimate lunch where they could pause on being bookworms, be themselves and build a closer relationship was what she was looking for. These small diversions from the norm help in reconnecting with our loved ones and rejuvenating our lives.

Life is to be celebrated, you don’t have to go all out by renting a big hall or closing down the street, a dinner at a restaurant for 10 or a cocktail for 30 may just be good enough for your type of celebration. However you do, whatever you do, celebrate life!