Taking the time out to perfect every detail of your special day is important in making your wedding day memorable. When coming up with wedding reception décor or implementing uniqueness, brides often only think about the obvious pieces. We often think about pieces like the guest tables, walls, ceiling, cocktail tables, the cake table, chairs etc. A very important detail often overlooked is the look of the bar area and the bar itself.

Believe it or not, your bar is also a very important aspect of your wedding. Many of your guests will be hanging out around it throughout the duration of your wedding reception. Some even make it a hangout spot where they sit and chitchat with other guests when they get tired of dancing. You definitely want to make it as special as the other areas. Make the bar a part of your wedding and not just another spot in your hotel or ballroom. Below are a few ways to put personal touches to your bars.

Jazz up the bar:
Add a few drapes or flower centerpieces in your color scheme to the bar area. You can outline the front of the bar with cascading flowers or use your bridesmaid’s bouquet on each side of the bar to save money. Enhance the bar atmosphere with some lights. If you go with an ice bar, add LED lights inside the bar to transform the look of the bar.

Personalize the bar:
While having your initials printed on the bar or on the wall behind the bar is what most couples think of, there are other great ways to personalize the bar to make it yours. Personalization can also include naming the bar after the theme of your wedding. An example is “The Glass Slipper Bar” if your wedding is a fairytale themed wedding. Hanging your engagement pictures around your bar will also give a great personal touch. We came across this picture on The Knot where the couple hung their engagement photos behind the bar. Very unique!

Do an unexpected bar:
Well your guests will be expecting a regular square or rectangle bar. Surprise them with an aerialist bartender. It will be a good conversation starter and would probably get your wedding guests to mingle. It will also serve as a form of entertainment for your guests. Ensure the aerialist starts serving drinks after you’ve done your dances, toasts and cake cutting so guests are not distracted.

You don’t have to spend a whole lot to decorate your bar but it’s important to keep your wedding décor flowing throughout your entire venue. Don’t let your bar look out of place at your wedding. A few simple touches here and there can drastically increase its appearance.


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