It’s no secret that Danielle and Michael are in love but trust us when we say, you’ll fall in love with them too once you see their engagement photoshoot. Once we received the gallery we were blown away about how effortless their love for each other shined through while being in front of the camera. It makes our job that much more fun when we are helping a couple who are wanting to celebrate the love between each other more than anything else. Danielle and Michael were a prime example of that kind of couple.


The smiles they had on their faces while taking pictures was outrageously contagious. Their style and dress options were impeccable and truly showcased the level of glamour they both uphold. Lastly, we absolutely love that they incorporated their motorcycle for a edgy feel. With having their engagement shoot in a natural setting, it really gave the opportunity for all of the attention to be on Danielle and Michael. Stay tuned for next week as we will be sharing their stunning wedding but for now continue scrolling to see these two love birds celebrating their engagement!






Photos by Daniel T Davis Photography