October is all about pink, that’s pink for breast cancer awareness. A women’s group called the Jewels wanted to have a breast cancer awareness event, incorporating a night of chilling, mingling and mixing with the serious issue of breast cancer.

 It was themed a “touch of pink”! Everyone coming for the event was to be in pink, so I made sure to avoid drowning the room in pink but highlighting and complementing the color. I brought in other colors like magenta, purple and ivory to add to the main color which was pale pink, the room was not overtly feminine, but yet still soft.

The jewels gave me a lot of room to be creative. They knew they wanted a casual and beautiful look but were yet open to any type of design that will incorporate their theme. I used lamps, accentuated with lavender roses, as centerpieces and flower arrangements with pink, purple, hot pink and white on alternating tables. We had lots of candles to give the room a nice ambiance. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served before dinner.


Everyone, in their touch of pink had fun, and got to meet new friends. With the pink ribbon portraying breast cancer awareness on every place setting, we made sure that every woman who came to this event will remember how important breast cancer awareness is and pass the message along to their loved ones.