You’ve just gotten engaged and all of a sudden you’re feeling overwhelmed. “Weddings in Houston”, “Houston Brides”, “Perfect Wedding Guide”, “Houston Bride Modern Luxury”, “Perfect Wedding Guide” and all the other numerous bridal magazines are all in a pile on your nightstand. After looking through them all, you still can’t decide which vendors to use because they all seem perfect with their beautiful and oversized marketing pictures. Almost pulling your hair out, your next thought is “maybe you should elope” and get married without having to deal with all the stress. This is when you may want to consider placing a phone call to a few wedding planners in Houston or in whatever city you’re based in.

Hiring a wedding planner is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as a bride to be. A good planner will definitely save you time and money. However be prepared to ask your prospective wedding coordinator a few questions before making your choice. Below are a few important questions to ask:

What wedding planning experience does he/she have?

A planner who is capable and experienced in planning the type of wedding you want to have is very important: They’re more likely to know how to deal with problems that pop up on your wedding day. You’re taking a big chance when you opt for a planner with no wedding experience.

Is this their part-time or full-time job?

While it may be okay for part-time wedding consultants to plan small weddings, it may be a little more difficult for them to dedicate all the time needed for a very bigger event. Remember their regular job will take precedence over the planning of your wedding. If you decide you go with a part-time wedding planner, be certain you clarify the amount of time they can dedicate to you.

Will the planner be present on the wedding day?

Some wedding planners may book more than one wedding on the same day, delegating their employees to oversee these weddings while they “check in” periodically. That may be a little dicey if the particular employee wasn’t in on your wedding plans from the beginning. If you’re okay with hiring a planner with multiple events on the same day, make sure whoever is going to oversee your wedding is involved from the beginning and has all the final details of your wedding.

Does the planner stay till the end of the wedding?

Planners or a member of their staff should be present at your wedding from beginning to end. Ensure your wedding coordinator will not leave right after the dessert is served, there are a lot of things that still need attention even after dessert.

Does he/she get commissions from vendors?

Some wedding consultants accept commissions from the vendors they hire for events. You’re entitled to have full disclosure on how the wedding consultant is being paid and by whom he/she is paying. Also ask them for their reason for referring the vendors they want you to use for your event. At Events by Doyin, we pass on any commissions offered to us by vendors as discounts to our clients.