The tumbling cake or a missing groomsman are not the only disasters that can happen on your big day, if you don’t pay attention to some of these little things, they may end up messing up your day.

Wedding dress: Many brides lose weight while planning their wedding because of physical and emotional stress or most times because they work towards it to look perfect on their big day. However, there have been some brides that put on weight as well right before their wedding. Constant fitting till the last week before the wedding day will ensure your dress is just right for you on your day.

Outdoor Ceremony: Not having a backup plan for your outdoor ceremony or reception may be a bad idea. No one wants it to rain on their wedding day but these things happen. When picking your outdoor location, confirm with the venue that there will be provision for an indoor ballroom. If it’s a location without an indoor space, be sure to rent a tent if there’s a possibility of it raining, be prepared, it rains in the desert.

Ring: I see this happen all the time. It’s time to join the bride and groom and the ring is nowhere to be found! Oh how awful and embarrassing! Also churches and venues sometimes have multiple ceremonies lined up; you may have to wed without the ring in order not to cause any delays in the venue’s schedule. Dedicate a dedicated person to watch that ring until it’s on your finger.

Wedding Planner: If you decide to use a planner, use one that is familiar with the type of wedding you’re having. Brides that incorporate culture need to have wedding planners that know about the formalities that will take place. If the planner is not familiar with the culture, be sure to instruct her way ahead of time on how you want things to go. Don’t hire a planner just a few days before your wedding.

Guests: What if 400 people show up at your big day instead of the 300 that had RSVPd? Will the caterer have enough food for them and will the venue have enough seating for them? Take your guest list seriously. Make calls to guests that didn’t RSVP after the deadline to confirm if they will be attending. Also, if you don’t want guests bringing other guests, make this clear on the invitation.