Let’s face it; entertainment at weddings can make a big difference! Guests are used to the same old formalities; the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, and of course dancing time. Don’t get me wrong, these traditional activities are very important and should be part of your reception, but you don’t want your wedding to be a replica of the last wedding they attended, same show different actors. Everyone one knows what’s coming up next so seats are empty right after dinner. Why don’t you set your special day apart and be spontaneous: add some type of entertainment for your guests.

You don’t have to fill the whole wedding reception with all sorts of entertainment but you can slot in activities here and there to keep your guests wanting more. The time between the ceremony and the reception (when the bridal party is taking pictures) is usually boring for the guests if there’s nothing to do; this is a good time to inject some entertainment into the program. You can also have some form of entertainment during dinner; remember to consider the type of guests you’re inviting before picking your form of entertainment, you don’t want to offend anyone.

Below are a few ways to keep your guests entertained:
Games: I know this sounds funny but some of your guests will actually like this. This will work better if the venue has extra smaller rooms. While you’re taking pictures and the guests are waiting, they can be enjoying a game of poker or cards. It’ll entertain your guest and encourage them to mingle.

Professional Entertainers: You can have comedians, dancers and even magicians perform at your wedding. This will keep your guests laughing the whole time (in case of the comedian) and fascinated with the magicians and dancers.

Live Band: You can give your guests a break from the norm by having a good live band play at your reception instead of a DJ. The band will keep the guests excited and engrossed. Ensure you’ve heard the band perform before you hire them. And don’t forget to give them a list of songs you and your guests will like to hear.

Photo Booth: More and more couples are doing photo booths at their weddings. This is a good way to incorporate your theme.

Tour Operator/Trolley Company: This idea will work well if you’re having a destination wedding, many out of town guests or wedding in a downtown area. You can have a tour company transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception, while showing them around the city and telling them about the history of the town where you’re having your wedding at.