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Flowers and weddings go together. There’s a common saying that you cannot get married without flowers. Flowers are indeed the essence of a beautiful wedding day celebration. Flowers are a three dimensional element of your decorating strategy. They are a beauty to behold when your guests come into the ballroom, they are elegant and fill the decorated room with character, and they provide a wonderful scent. Flowers satisfy all senses!

Here are a few tips when selecting flowers for your wedding in Houston:

Hire an experienced Houston florist for your wedding: An experienced wedding florist who is able to deliver, install, and remove the arrangements at the end of your event should be your go to florist. Some venues in Houston come with florists but do your homework and ensure they can meet your floral design demands. Ask for references, and be sure to follow up. It may be tempting to hire a Houston florist without checking references, but that could backfire.

Your flowers should compliment your theme: If you’re working with a theme or you’ve selected colors for your wedding, you should find a way of incorporating your taste & style into everything else in your wedding. The colors and design of your flowers should compliment not just your dress but your ceremony, reception location and other wedding details. An example of incorporating your theme into your flower selection is using rustic flowers for a country style wedding outdoors or in a barn.

Utilize flowers in season : You save on cost when you select flowers that are readily available in the season you’ve selected for your wedding. Talk to your florist about your favorite flowers to ensure they’re available during your wedding season. Seasonal flowers like peonies are not available all through the year. Checking in with your florist on your preferred flowers will help you stay within your wedding budget.

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