I walked faster, my sandals making that ‘flip flop’ sound as I tried to make my way under the shade of the airport to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. A cool breeze of air from two gigantic ceiling fans caressed my face as I entered the barn style arrival lounge. Welcoming smiles from immigration officers, warm nods from airport workers, “Buenos Dias! and hola!” echoed from different corners of the Liberia (pronounced Lee-BAY reea) Airport as I stepped outside to make my way to my ride.

Costa Rica, one of the most visited countries in Central America blessed with a tropical dry forest filled with exotic wildlife that embraces its narrow roads welcomed us with wide open arms as we made our way from Liberia towards the Peninsula Papagayo. From the ‘oo oo aa’ of the howler monkeys to the chirping of birds, nature sounds and the grunt of the car’s engine was all we heard on the drive to our peaceful resort.

Sounds of the ocean waves lapping against the beach and singing birds woke me up the next morning. As I looked at the ant eaters, iguanas and birds outside my room, I thought to myself: “this is really different.” Costa Rica not only has friendly and warm people but also beautiful wildlife. The privacy, the friendliness of the people and the natural beauty of the peninsula got me thinking how this would be a great location for an eco-friendly bride to plan a unique destination wedding.

Imagine having a beautiful beach wedding ceremony on one of the beach resorts in Costa Rica? Your guests will have a good time in feeding their eyes on exotic wildlife in the surrounding forest around the beach. You can make it your honeymoon spot right after the wedding, your guests can also turn it into an adventurous vacation. They will enjoy the hiking trails, rain forests, coral reefs, massive waterfalls, waterways for canoeing and canopy tours. They may have so much fun that they might decide to stay in Costa Rica like an Aggie I met on one of the local beaches. She moved to Costa Rica 6 months ago after attending a friend’s wedding.

Whether you’re planning a beach destination wedding or an eco-friendly destination wedding, Costa Rica is a great place and a destination you would never forget.