Outdoor wedding ceremonies are increasing in trend and are becoming more and more popular with couples wanting to stay away from the pomp and pageantry of a traditional wedding. Outdoor ceremonies are defined by their simplicity and are favored by the increasing number of couples who are marrying outside their religion, tradition or culture needing a neutral ground where they can incorporate their varying backgrounds. The rising cost of traditional weddings has also pushed many couples towards outdoor venues, usually opting for their wedding ceremony to be held in the open air.

Whatever your reason for having an outdoor wedding ceremony, here are some tips to consider:

-Find out if your venue has a sheltered area in case of inclement weather.

-Pick colors that will make your wedding stand out in the outdoors. This will catch the eyes of your guests even though there’s a lot going on outside.

– If you’re planning a summer wedding, consider starting the ceremony in the evening when it’s a little cooler.

-Ensure you buy the appropriate wedding dress for an outdoor ceremony. Stay away from thick fabrics that will make you sweat. (A short dress may even be ideal).

-Make sure the venue permits outdoor entertainment before you hire a band. If it’s close to a residential area, you may need to apply for a noise permit.

-If you’re a bride on a budget, a way to save money will be to select an outdoor venue that already has a beautiful garden. This most likely won’t need too much floral décor, since it already has lots of beautiful and matured blossoms.

*Remember to choose a season that is suitable for an outdoor wedding, so as to optimize your experience and the beauty of nature.

Hope these tips will help you prepare for your special day. Good Luck!