Weddings are special and Doyin fash wedding planner knows that almost as much as the wedding couple. We believe weddings are special because everyone and everything in a wedding is special, from the couple to the dress, the venue, the date, the invitees, choice of music and band, bridesmaid and best man. Everything surrounding a wedding makes it the complete magical wedding day.

Equally special and important is your wedding cake! Some have ranked the wedding cake as one of the top5 important factors that went into their wedding.

Doyin Fash Houston wedding planner has compiled a simple yet effective list of questions you should ask when choosing your wedding cake. These questions will help you select the right wedding cake baker for your dream wedding. And maybe just help lighten the load of how to choose one in the first place

1. How long have you been baking wedding cakes?

The importance of this question is to quite obvious but important. This is no ordinary day and no ordinary cake! Experience is needed here, and not just experience in baking wedding cakes but experience in handling the responsibility and care that goes in to a “Wedding Cake”.

2. Delivery Transport, How do you do it?

Not to scare you but most wedding cake disasters occur when it’s being delivered to the wedding venue, either while it’s being loaded, in-transit or unloaded. An experienced wedding cake bakery will have professional transport methods and loaders who understand the process like the back of their hand. It’s unfair and unsafe to ask a friend or relative to bear the pressure of safely delivering your wedding cake.

3.Wedding Cake Estimates Vs. Expectations?

Wedding cakes are priced around a few factors: Guests, labor, location & the cake decorator. The prices are higher if your wedding is in downtown in a popular city also the cake decorator, if you’re looking to hire a top of the line cake decorator who is both professional and experienced and has several success stories be sure to be ready to pay for that. Finding a modest cake decorator can be a task as wedding cakes tend to take a huge chunk of the budget.

4.Custom Made or Pre-designed?

Most couples don’t know what to look for when choosing their wedding cake design, keeping that in mind most wedding cake decorators have an album or portfolio of pre-designed wedding cakes that you can make alterations too. But if you have a structure or initial design, get it on paper and share it with your cake designer and ask them if they are experienced in customer cake designing.

5.How much time do you need?

As your potential cake designer how much in advance do they need to know the date of the wedding. Most wedding cake decorators are booked year round because their on a time line and adhere to it very strictly. Giving your cake decorator the time “They” request will allow them to prepare all the elements needed and give your wedding cake the time and attention it requires for freshness and quality.