“I wish I didn’t have to wear a long dress for my wedding”, a friend of mine said a few years ago when we went shopping for her wedding dress. She wasn’t planning to wear heels and since she was on the shorter side, she was nervous she would look even shorter. I remember telling her I believe going short will actually be a great idea since her wedding was an outdoors summer wedding and her guests will get to admire the lovely shoes that would probably have been hidden under a longer dress. Little did I know that this was going to become a major trend a few years down the line.

Short wedding dresses have become even more popular in the past couple of years with many brides now opting for short designs; it has become a contending option for outdoor summer weddings. Shorter dresses also enables brides to move freely during the event, without the hassle of having to hold their train while dancing or visiting guest tables. Of course great legs are also a big factor in embracing the short trend, brides that have it definitely want to flaunt it!

Well if you’re one of those brides giving a short dress some thought, be bold! Short dresses are in! Many designers now carry short wedding dresses in fabulous styles. Believe it or not, mini wedding dresses made it to the 2011 wedding dress trend list. There are a lot of minis and jaw dropping micro minis to choose from. In fact, I recently saw a pair of wedding shorts. So if you’re up for showing legs at your wedding, you’re in luck this year.

I’ve included a few pictures of some short wedding dresses I came across. Post your comments. What are your thoughts about short wedding dresses? Do you think they are proper for weddings? If you would ever wear a short wedding dress, which of these will you pick and why?