The normal order for a wedding is for the couple to have their ceremony in a house of worship and the reception in a banquet hall, hotel ballroom or a restaurant. Couples are getting more and more creative and are making their weddings more personal and all about them. There are few unusual venues which most people never think of but can make a nice and unique wedding venue.

For height lovers:

Marriage in the sky: Imagine having your guests suspended in the air for up to 200 feet above the ground. The view, the adventure, and the magical moment makes it a memorable experience they will never forget. Note, this may not be such a good idea if you’re inviting guests that are scared of heights.

Marriage above the clouds: This is for the couple in love with flying/airplanes. Imagine getting married in a beautiful and chic plane, and by the time you’re done with the wedding and reception, you’re at your honeymoon destination. Wide empty planes will be more suitable for weddings, if you’ve got the budget.

For water lovers:

Marriage underwater: Scuba diving enthusiasts can have their ceremony underwater. The couple can exchange vows underwater with their priest and a few witnesses and have the reception in a boat. Your guests may be required to take classes and get certified.

Marriage on the water: A fancy yacht beautifully adorned will wow your guests as they share in your special day. Many yachts have two levels where you can use one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Load up on sea sickness pills for guests that might need it, you don’t want someone hurling over the brides beautiful dress.

For art lovers:

Marriage in an art gallery or museum: Sweep your guests away as you get married in the midst or masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Get a guide to show your guests around the gallery during cocktail hour, they may learn a thing or two at your wedding. You won’t need too much décor in art galleries because they are usually already astounding.

For sports fanatics:

How about getting married in a ball park where your favorite team plays? It’s almost like you’re experiencing a game on a pitch close up, only that you’re the players and your guests are the fans. Most stadiums and ballparks have indoor spaces for the receptions as well, you never know your favorite player may turn up.