During these summer months we have witnessed melting heat and flooding rains, yet they have brought bright sunshine and beautiful blooming flowers. Outdoor weddings ceremonies and receptions are a great way to experience the beautiful summer months first hand. Having the chance to walk down the aisle with a cool breeze slightly welcoming you and your guests into what will be the beginning of the rest of your life, is a great way to start off your wedding day. Using a stylish tent to keep out the sunrays but let in the gentle winds will keep your guests comfortable while enjoying the rich colors of the outdoors.

Many brides and grooms often object to having a tent wedding. Some of these doubts arise from fear of there not being enough space for guest to feel comfortable or a tent wedding not possessing grace or elegance. Fear not, there are wide selections of tents that come in various sizes. Choosing the right space and size of a tent depends on many factors, such as decoration, entertainment equipment, dance floor, guest count, and last but certainly not the least budget.
Elegance plays a major role in many brides wedding theme of choice. Furnishing the tent with carpet or a hardwood floor is a great formal way of showing class and style, it also keeps your guests from walking on the soft lawn, not very desirable for those rocking 6 inch heels. If you opt for the soft lawn these wonderful protectors known as High Heeler’s shielding can be used to protect those heels.

Draping the ceilings or the walls of your tent can also add elegance to your tent wedding. Other wonderful ideas such as using window walls or chandeliers are sure to wow your guests when they step into your tent. Whether you decide to go with or without a tent, your summer wedding will turn out beautiful if the right factors are incorporated.

A few great places to have tent weddings in Houston are Chateau Cocomar, Discovery Green, The Mansion, The Plaza at City Center, Houston Polo Club, River Oaks Country Club and River Oaks Garden Club.