With all the glitz and glamour that surround a wedding and the multi billion dollar industry that fuels it, something key is always lost in the scrum, the fact that this event is the lift off of a long emotional runway that was the life of the bride and the groom into a flight that is their new life and marriage; It is both emotional and spiritual.

At the core of the bride’s runway is the dream to live a good life, be a good wife, a caring friend and a loving mother to her husband to be and children to come. The moment a girl gets engaged is the beginning of the realization of that dream and is one of the most fulfilling feelings for a woman.

The emotions between that moment and the wedding day are usually not understood by anyone else but the bride which unfortunately is not tapped into enough nowadays, simply because there are too many reasons for a bride to freak out because she can’t find a venue, or can’t decide on a dress or because the wedding list is growing faster than the budget deficit.

I wish brides will get rid of the Bridezillas in them. Bridezillarism (oh yes I made it up!; add that to the Oxford English dictionary) is like dancing at a Library. Brides should plan well, get rid of all the wedding planning stress zones and connect to the beautiful fulfilling journey that is a wedding and a marriage.