It’s easy to fall prey to your darker side during the covid-19 crisis.  After all, we’re spending more time trapped indoors and away from our friends. Those social rituals that bring us joy, weddings, birthdays, and graduations, well, haven’t disappeared, but they’ve certainly become harder to celebrate.  So how can we help spark a little extra joy in the lives of new couples determined to tie the knot.  One answer may be in unusual ingenious gift choices that spark a little laughter in the newlyweds.

Let the Bells Peal with Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine, or so the saying goes.  And there’s a reason for that.  Did you know that laughter enhances oxygen intake to stimulate many of the body’s organs?  You don’t even need a good guffaw!  The simple act of thinking positively has been shown to have long term positive health effects, such as longer life span, decreased levels of depression, and improved cardiovascular health.

So if you’re lucky enough to be invited to celebrate nuptials during the covid crisis, share a gift that will offer the couple a salubrious and positive moment on which to build their future lives together.  This lighthearted approach may be just what we need to bolster wedding spirits during the pandemic?  So here are some innovative wedding gift ideas inspired by the covid crisis that offer a little positive respite for newlyweds and encourage them to smile.

Just a Little Bit Silly

Even newlyweds can feel confined with each other. So why not increase the sense of space with a pair of rubberized shower squids that free up space by holding multiple bottles of shower product that can be dispensed without removing them from the squid.

Or for those Potter nerds who can’t agree on a show, let the magical battle begin with a pair of TV remote controlling wands.  The whimsy of a little “confundo spouso” is bound to alleviate tension and elicit a healing giggle.

Thanks for the Memory

A number of items are innovative ways to commemorate wedding celebrations and inspire significant memories.  How about a personalized game of Guess Who that includes game cards with family members and friends’ photos on them?

Another inexpensive but distinct gift is to purchase a cameo appearance from the couples favorite actor or performer.  There are plenty of platforms offering personalized celebrity well wishes for answering services or as keepsake videos.

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

Eating has become an important pastime during our days stuck at home, so offer the couple not only the joy of food, but the pleasure of either not having to cook or at least of not having to answer the age old question, “what’s for dinner?”

For gourmands, you might look into a molecule evolution cuisine kit that offers everything from making tasty bubbles that pop in your mouth to elegant food foams to ornament haute cuisine creations.

For those who don’t like to cook, send a delivery of goodies from notable food providers from bagels and coffee to award winning cuisine.  Or another option is to pay for a subscription to one of the meal services that provide ingredients and instructions. .

Of course, food isn’t everything.  You can pay for a subscription for the wine-loving couple to receive selections based on their tastes.  Or how about a one-time tasting selection of a favorite varietal.  If wine isn’t their thing, you can have a silver shaker set or a set of bronze mule cups delivered and include a subscription to a liquor service.

A Little Tranquility

Of course, we all need to relax during these stressful times, so why not send a gift that says, “take it easy and enjoy each other.” 

A great gift for the urbanite couple who has limited space is the tabletop fireplace, which will allow them to bring the fire pit inside for a smokeless and odorless outdoor experience in the comfort of their home.

Or for a little zen, send them an indoor garden kit with fresh herbs for the kitchen.  It’ll give them a chance to say “ohm” in the most stressful of times, or at least provide tasty condiments for their dishes.

Finally, for the couple who likes to travel but can’t because of lockdown, there are virtual city tours that come complete with cooking classes and cocktail mix lessons.

To Their Health

So here’s a toast to the brave few who are moving ahead with weddings even if they can’t have that wedding they’ve always dreamed of.  You can be a part of making their celebrations more meaningful, more memorable, and more healthful by choosing a gift that will make them smile.  Salute!