Flipping through a bridal magazine, the bride’s shoes caught my eyes. She had on lovely yellow shoes with a butterfly brooch on it, “that’s lovely and different” I thought. Then I saw that she was holding a bouquet that had a few butterflies in it and her beautiful earrings were also butterflies, OK. I flipped to the next page to see more details of her wedding and everything was either a butterfly or had a gigantic butterfly in it. Her wedding cake was a huge 3D butterfly cake, her table linens had butterfly prints on them, her centerpiece vases were shaped like butterflies with flowers that had huge butterflies in them, and the bridesmaids also had butterfly hair clips in their hair; Wow! The butterfly theme was a fun concept and different from the norm but the way it was put together was, to put it mildly, overwhelming.


No doubt, themes are essential when planning a wedding or any event. It’s a way of getting your message across to your guests: pretty much how you want them to remember your day. Whether you pick a floral, color or character theme, you’ll find out once you’ve picked a theme that your planning process becomes a little easier and you suddenly have guidelines to follow. From picking invites to centerpieces to the food that will be served to your guests, the decision making has a lot more direction. Even though a theme is an important part of your wedding planning process, make it a guide in direction rather than an overbearing element.

For example, an invite sets the tone for a wedding but a royal wedding theme doesn’t mean the invitation card must be in the shape of a crown or a horse carriage. There are many other subtle elements that let your guests know what to expect on receiving your invite. Color is an element that can be used to pass on the message of royalty to your guests.

A grand appearance at the reception can also pass your message across to your guests. A bride can come down spiral stairs at her reception in a princess style dress for a fairytale grand entrance; subtle, elegant and gets the theme across without overwhelming the wedding guests.