It’s a cookie cutter world as long as weddings go. If you’re a bride who loves to be
unique, you’re probably wondering about how to wow your guests in your own
distinctive way. We’ve listed 5 ways in which you can set your wedding apart without breaking the bank.

Guest Transportation
If you have a lot of out of town guests who may not know their way around your wedding city, renting a cool form of mass transportation is a great idea. It also lets the guests know that you were thinking about them. Depending on your wedding theme, you can either hire an old-fashioned trolley or a very nice party bus with great entertainment and ambiance. For extra flair, include your wedding initials or names and your wedding date.

Cocktails before the Ceremony
Most brides don’t serve drinks until the cocktail hour. Set your wedding apart by serving drinks before the ceremony starts. Most guests get to the ceremony early and have nothing to do. It would be nice to give them a pleasant surprise by serving cocktails before the ceremony starts. The cost effective way to go about this is to set up a self-service beverage bar. Ensure you don’t serve anything too strong. There are nonalcoholic versions of all cocktails. You don’t want your guests drunk before the ceremony starts! Remember to have waiters pick glasses up to ensure the ceremony area is clean and clear before processional begins.

Useful Favors
One of our brides went out of her
way to ensure everyone had a good time dancing at her wedding. She surprised the guests with flip flops in her wedding colors and they also came in different sizes. Ladies in heels had no excuse but to get up and dance throughout the wedding party. Her wedding guests didn’t leave the dance floor until the DJ stopped the music.

If you’re a bride who doesn’t like the flip flop idea, you can provide your guests with ballet flats and slippers. They are also very comfortable and can be found at stores or online. Whichever option your pick, your guests will appreciate the fact that you were thinking ahead.

Convenient Child Care
If you’re going to have kids at your wedding, make them feel welcomed. Hire
nannies, children entertainers, portable DVDs, and order kid friendly meals. If it’s possible, pick a room right next to your reception ballroom so parents can stop by
and check in on their little ones every once in a while. Ensure there’s a place for a nap in case any of the kids get tired.

A Surprise Dance
Surprise your guests with a choreographed dance. Take a few dance lessons before your wedding, and surprise everyone during your first dance. They are probably expecting the standard waltz, doing some high-energy dance will keep the guests entertained and get their attention. You can visit YouTube for examples of choreographed first dances or father-daughter dance.