A Wedding/Bridal consultant is usually misconstrued as the person who coordinates the activities at a wedding or recommends vendors to the bride. While this is true, a wedding consultant plays a lot more roles in helping a bride bring her dreams to reality. Needless to say, many hats are worn by the consultant from the first contact by the client till the day of the wedding. Below are a few roles of the wedding consultant that often gets overlooked:

Adviser – More often than not, when planning your big day, you need someone who has professional knowledge about the wedding industry. The consultant is there to give you sound advice so that you can avoid many mistakes other brides make. You’re advised from the onset on how to go about your planning and what ideas will work and which ones won’t. Having someone to bounce your idea of the perfect day off is invaluable; from the onset you get a solid start to planning your wedding.

Mediator – Planning a wedding can be so stressful for the bride. Some of the wedding planning tension comes from the mum of the bride, sisters or even bridesmaids. The bridal consultant is the peacemaker who is there to calm everyone down while subtly forwarding the bride’s agenda.

Financial Planner – The bridal consultant helps you to put together a budget to ensure your money is spent wisely for your big day. You’re assured that every penny spent is used prudently and not on frivolous things. A Consultant ensures you get a bang for your buck.

Liaison – As a wedding professional who is experienced and known in the industry, the consultant is able to link you up with highly recommended vendors who will do an excellent job on your big day. These are efficient professionals he/she has worked with over a period of time. You’re less likely to encounter surprises on your wedding day; a bride should be exactly that on her wedding day, a bride. Let the professionals deliver a day to remember for you.

Negotiator – Vendors that have a relationship give each other breaks when they use each other’s services often. A Consultant will most likely hire vendors he/she has a good bond with because she can haggle their prices and get you a good deal.