Aesthetically Driven

A professional, passionate & creative event planner must be able to bring together the different core elements of an event to aesthetically enlighten your event. In this way this way most attendees will be able to determine the theme, importance & topic of your event the minute they walk in. It’s not enough to know you’re going to a corporate or private event; it has to feel that way too.

One of the leading names in event planning Ron Wendt in an interview on party planning once said “If you can align the feel of an event with décor, you can make a flower tell the story of the whole event”.


People Person

Another vital skill set to look for in your next event planner is their ability to engage the attendees of the event by incorporating elements of bonding activities that engage the spirit of teamwork which in most corporate events are is the lifeblood of the event but even more intimate events like a wedding or baby shower this skill set can be very useful in keeping the event mood maintained throughout the event & make the event enjoyable & entertaining.


Logistically Sound

If your corporate or intimate event involves an exotic location where attendees will be arriving from different places then a MUST have feature to look for is the planner’s ability to manage travel plans, accommodation, transport and establish a partnership network of local hosts  & suppliers.

Destination events like weddings can be double the challenge so never be afraid to ask your event planner if they have an established network surrounding your venue in mind or if they have a destination venue in mind where a network of vendors & suppliers is already established.


Ability to Incorporate Technology

For corporate events anywhere in the world it is a necessity to incorporate elements of technology in your corporate event, elements such as onsite technology management, electronic RSVP processes & tech-driven networking.

Incorporating technology into your corporate event will you help you gauge the success of your event with statistical data such as attendee behavior, collection of survey feedbacks, stats on attendance & much more.


It’s important to establish a working relationship with your event planner as they will play the role of your twin while in the planning & execution phases of your event.

Whether your event is Initiate Wedding or a corporate event the responsibility of making it a success is a heavy burden to carry & that’s what makes event planning one of the most pressured job in the world.

Doyin Fash plans for and executes every event with a smile in our heart & unparalleled determination to make your event enjoyable all the while achieving the goal of your event.