You are probably conflicted about having to make agonizing decisions about a day you’ve been planning towards, for months or even years.  Yes, your wedding day. It was supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life; the date you selected was well thought out, has lot of meaning to you and your fiancé, and you wouldn’t want to be celebrating your anniversary on another date.  

Well there’s a solution!  For those still wanting to keep their original wedding date, a great idea will be for you to contact your original wedding officiant or your city judge and ask if they can officiate the wedding ceremony privately. You might not have everyone you wanted in attendance, but you can still have the 4 closest people to you while keeping your total count under 10. 

Not to worry, your loved ones, extended family and friends can still celebrate with you and your spouse at a later date, once the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided.  If you decide that you want more guests (e.g. your siblings if you’re from a big family) to be part of your private wedding ceremony, consider having everyone watch your wedding ceremony by video.  They can send you live messages during the ceremony and share their thoughts and well wishes with you. 

These are trying times but keep following the recommended precautions and we will surely get through this together. For now, stay focused on the best option for your upcoming wedding.