Planning Zenia’s 60th birthday was so much fun. She’s been to all the continents in the world
and wanted to celebrate her travel and journey through 60years with close
family and friends with an emphasis on her country of birth, Panama. An
intimate occasion was put together to give her guests a taste of a few of the
countries she’s visited through sight, taste and touch.

Her special day started with a cocktail hour where guests
were served Italian appetizers in the pool area of 5226 Elm, one of Houston’s best
kept secret. As guests walked into the dinner room, they were greeted with the
skyline of Panama. And during dinner, guests were treated to Tabouli salad from
the Middle East, a Caribbean main dish and a Mexican dessert prepared by one of Houston’s celebrity chefs, Michael Cordua.

The birthday cake featured monuments & maps from a few of the countries she’s visited and enjoyed the most, France, Italy, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, India, Australia, England, South Africa, China & Egypt. Postcards with pictures of her in the different places she had visited were used as centerpieces to create
conversations for the guests. A butterly piñata (a Panamanian tradition) in the celebrant’s colors was filled with lots of gifts from Panama for all the guests that flew in from different continents. It was a fun night for all that attended!